Class of 2015 FELLOWS


Alexis Cano
Academy High School
Front Range Community College

Alexis Cano was born and raised in Denver, CO; her family is originally from Namiquipa, Chihuahua. Alexis learned to become independent at a very young age. She started working at the age of 16 and continued working throughout high school. Alexis continues to work and go to school simultaneously to accomplish her goals. Her biggest motivation to move on in life has been her family.

Alexis recently graduated from Front Range Community College with her Associate of

Arts degree with a designation of Criminal Justice. She is now attending the University of Northern Colorado with a major in Criminal Justice and minor in Legal Studies. During her two years at FRCC, Alexis held a work study position at the Student Life Office and was also a student coordinator for the Career Success Center. She was very involved on campus. Alexis was a TRIO participant, part of the National Society of Leadership and Success, and was also involved in student orientation, leadership retreats, and student panels on campus. Alexis was also active with Latinas Increasing Political Strength and traveled to Washington, DC to lobby Congress.

Alexis will one day become an immigration attorney. Her passion for standing up for what she believes in has always been a part of her personality. Growing up, Alexis would always ask herself why she had to go all the way to Mexico to visit her family. The border that got in between her family motivated her to help her family and her community. This is when she decided to get a postsecondary education and one day go to law school. She strongly believes that everyone has the right to an equal opportunity in the United States.



Cendy De La Torre  
Rangeview High School    
University of Colorado - Boulder

Cendy De La Torre was born in Jalisco, Mexico and immigrated to the United States at the age of five.  She quickly adapted to her new home and tried very hard in school in order to repay her parents’ sacrifices.  When Cendy was 10, her father was deported to Mexico. She has not been able to see him since because she is undocumented.

This event inspired her to become an immigration attorney in order to fight for those who work hard to earn a better future in the Land of Opportunity and also to stop the separation of families.  She graduated from Rangeview High School with honors and will be attending the University of Colorado at Boulder.

Cendy is a fellow with LAW SCHOOL…Sí Se Puede because she wants to be surrounded by individuals who, like her, aspire to impact their communities and inspire the generations that follow.  Cendy is already on her way to achieving her dreams of being a lawyer: this summer, she received an internship with the Aguirre Law Group as a result of a connection through LAW SCHOOL…Sí Se Puede.  She feels very blessed to have come across a program that will support her every step of the way on her path to becoming an immigration attorney!


Ashley Fisher
York International    
University of Colorado - Boulder

Ashley Fisher is a Junior at the University of Colorado-Boulder. She has a major in Psychology, a minor in Spanish, and she will be taking up a Primary Education teaching license in Fall 2019. She also mentors first year students through the First Generation Student program at CU. During her first two years of college, Ashley was a fulltime student while also working on and off campus. On campus, she was a work study at the law library. Off campus, she worked as a Medication Aid in a nursing home for the elderly. 

During the Fall 2017 semester, Ashley studied abroad at La Universidad de Costa Rica. Ashley is not bilingual, and she feels studying Spanish in Costa Rica has been the best decision she has made so far because i wa. She highly recommends studying abroad to any and every student that has the chance to do so! 

In 2015, Ashley entered college with the desire to one day be an immigration lawyer (hence the reason she wanted to be bilingual). She wanted to help keep families together. She wanted to be an advocate for others who could not do so themselves. To her, being a lawyer (of any sort) means helping others, which was the most important factor in a career for her. However, her experience in Costa Rica has reminded her of her love for children. While in Costa Rica, she volunteered at an orphanage. Helping and spending time with those children encouraged Ashley to apply to CU’s Primary Education teaching license program. 

After graduation, Ashley would like to spend a few years teaching. After teaching, she would then like to attend law school. Ashley spent her first two years of college limiting herself to only one career, but she has realized that she wants to do so much more. 



Matthew Hinze
Air Academy High School    
University of Northern Colorado

Matthew Hinze is currently studying Software Engineering, with a minor in Political Science, at the University of Northern Colorado. He is also a member of the Honors Interdisciplinary Program. Since entering college, Matthew has worked at UNC Catering and is currently a Student Supervisor. His interests include listening to music, computers, and playing video games. He has decided to not attend law school immediately after graduating, but he is interested in pursuing IP or patent law after working in the technology field for a few years. 

Law School Yes We Can has provided Matthew with more once-in-a-lifetime opportunities than he could have imagined. He has toured the Colorado Supreme Court and taken part in workshops that have helped him become successful in college. He has also have received advice from his Mentors and others involved in the program, and that advice has already positively impacted his life. 


rebecca huerta.jpg

Rebecca Huerta
Air Academy High School    
Baylor University

Rebecca Elizabeth Ruiz Huerta was born in Greeley, Colorado, and her family later moved to Colorado Springs, Colorado. Growing up, she always had a book in her hand and always wanted to go to the library. Inspired by the hard work and dedication of her parents, Rebecca was motivated to succeed in school, which resulted in finding her love for the law and the legal system. Her favorite English teacher encouraged her to join the mock trial team, and she spent three years dedicated to her teammates and the law. Rebecca graduated with honors from Air Academy High School, and  her dedication to school enabled her to go to Baylor University.

When the opportunity of Law School Yes We Can presented itself, Rebecca wanted to become involved because of the connections the program could offer her. She also desired to expand her knowledge of lawyers, the legal field, and the process of applying to law school. Law School Yes We Can has provided opportunities for Rebecca to meet lawyers in different fields, opened up doors for internships, and enabled her to stay connected to Colorado while she is living in Texas.


victoria price

Victoria Husher Price
South Park High School    
University of Denver

Victoria Husher-Price was born in Los Angeles, California, later moved to South Dakota, and lived in Park County, Colorado for 8 years before graduating from high school in 2015.  She is a Junior at the University of Denver, majoring in Criminology and International Studies.  She is also part of the University’s Pioneer Leadership Program, earning a minor in Leadership. As a Sophomore, she worked on a Community Change Initiative that  addressed racial inequality within the justice system. She spent the year working alongside three of her peers, and the project’s goal was easing the tensions that exist among Denver’s minority groups and the Denver Police Department. Their mission was to integrate DPD officers into the community through volunteer opportunities with the hope that doing so would build trust and understanding and minimize tension and stigma. 

Victoria’sis evident insheU,Uy the number ofand University to

Victoria’s involvement at DU does not stop there. As a Daniels Scholar, she serves as an ambassador at her campus. She dedicates hours to mentoring her fellow Scholars and planning events to provide for a strong community. She works alongside her Scholars Relations Officer and Campus Liaison to ensure the success of all the Daniels Scholars at DU. 

Victoria solidified her goal to become a lawyer by interning with a judge at her local courthouse in Park County. She was introduced to some of the realities of the career and fell in love. She plans to be a human rights lawyer, which will allow her the opportunity to continue to fight for social justice. 

LAW SCHOOL…Sí Se Puede is important to her because it provides her with internship opportunities and networking experiences with professionals in the field. She looks forward to continuing to grow as a young scholar within LSSSP. The program allows her to receive incomparable preparation for the LSAT and guidance throughout the law school admissions process. She feels blessed to be part of a program of such influence.


Devon Johnson
Air Academy High School  
University of Colorado - Colorado Springs

Devon Johnson will attend school at the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs, with a focus in Political Science and minor in music, in the fall of 2015 . As a junior in high school, Devon decided that he needed to be a lawyer because of the work he did with Colorado Springs Teen Court, a non-profit organization dedicated to implementing a program of restorative justice for juveniles who have committed misdemeanor crimes. While the defendants are sentenced through a traditional sentencing hearing, the twist is that Devon is their attorney. Through his time with Teen Court, he has discovered that he has a fiery passion to defend those who are defenseless. He knows that sometimes it is really easy to get lost in this world, and sometimes people just need a friend to help them—something that he seeks to do with his legal career.

Devon is the first in his family to graduate from high school and the first to attend college. He says that it is quite possible that he is part of almost every large minority group possible: he is Puerto Rican, male under 5’ 8”, and gay.

He is very excited to join the LAW SCHOOL…Sí Se Puede program because it will give him the opportunity to have help from people who have already lived the situation he is in. As he predicts, the college world is messy, but LAW SCHOOL…Sí Se Puede will guide him through.


Carolina Luna Casas    
Arrupe Jesuit High School    
Loyola University - Chicago

Carolina Luna  is a first generation Mexican-American. She was born and raised in Denver, Colorado to Mexican immigrants. From a young age, she learned the importance of education and advocacy. She knew that she had to stand up for what she believed in and that education would give her the tools to do so effectively. She attended Arrupe Jesuit High School, where she learned to be a woman for others, on an academic scholarship. Her self-advocacy paid off with a full scholarship to Loyola University-Chicago, where she now advocates for others through volunteering and mentoring. 

Carolina’s desire to support others drew her to want to become a lawyer. Carolina would like to be a trial lawyer and work for justice, but she knows there is much to do in order to get there. She knows the hard work ethic her parents instilled in her will help her uphold her passion for justice.  However, she also understands that the fulfillment of every dream requires learning from those who have made it to the finish line, which is why she appreciates the support and guidance from her Mentors. LAW SCHOOL…Sí Se Puede has helped guide her in her journey. She has the tools, support, and fortitude that will lead her to her goal: to become a lawyer who upholds justice.



Kayla Medina  
Centennial High School    
University of Denver

Kayla Medina was born and raised in the town of Pueblo, Colorado. She is the daughter of parents who were both first generation college students, that worked hard to get their education and invested the same value of education in her. Kayla graduated with honors from Centennial High School and will be attending The University of Denver in fall pursuing a degree in business analytics.

Law and the justice system has always been something that interested Kayla from a young age. Her father, a police officer, helped to spark her interest in becoming a prosecutor and to show her that their needs to be someone to fight for justice. The town that she is from is 50% Hispanic and Kayla believes that if she becomes a lawyer it will encourage other Hispanics, and hopefully females, to pursue their dreams and strive for the best.

Kayla feels that the LAW SCHOOL…Sí Se Puede program will help her to be successful in her field as a lawyer and also open many doors for her. This program creates wonderful contacts and mentors that will help her with the long journey of becoming a lawyer.




Esperanza Molina    
Arrupe Jesuit High School  
University of Denver

Esperanza Ortiz is 21 years old, and she attended the University of Denver. Due to some difficulties, she had to take time away from college, and she has since moved to Colorado Springs, where her military husband is stationed. Nevertheless, she began obtaining legal experience by working at a private criminal defense and personal injury firm. That position helped her transition into her current work with the Alternate Defense Counsel (ADC). She has had the opportunity to work with many attorneys in Denver and Colorado Springs. She looks forward to working with more attorneys and expanding her knowledge. Her goal is to become a defense attorney, and she is working very hard to make that dream come true. 



Samantha Quinones    
High School    
University of Colorado - Denver

Quiola Samantha Quinones, originally from Vail, Colorado, is this year’s valedictorian from Justice High School and a member of the school’s National Honors Society.  Samantha is a Latina who takes pride in her heritage and has sought the light at the end of the tunnel, despite all the obstacles that have come her way.  Samantha has lived life as it truly is, not as it is portrayed: she has been living on her own since a very young age of fifteen. This has taught her that there is no reward without effort and if you want something in life, you will make it happen no matter the circumstances. She believes that opportunities don't happen—you have to create them. Any   opportunity you overlook and don't grasp is like throwing a precious diamond in the dumpster.  That same motivation is what pushes her to strive to reach what many have told her is the impossible: entering law school.  She is proud to say, “Sí Se Puede,” when it comes to her attending law school.

Samantha is honored to be part of LAW SCHOOL…Sí Se Puede. Because she has not had access to guidance from adults in her life.  Having a group of people who are there help her, to motivate her and to push her to fulfill her dreams of becoming a lawyer will only make her stronger and help her achieve her dreams. She is excited to work with her mentors and is ready to make things happen.


Brittany Solomon    
Rangeview High School
Colorado State University

Brittany Solomon was born in Medford, Oregon, and she was a year old when she moved to Aurora, Colorado.  She has had to deal with many challenges growing up, but she believes she can overcome anything with her family by her side.  She has always strived to be successful and has used her diversity to propel her towards success.

She is studying at Colorado State University.  She is majoring in International Studies with a concentration in Europe, and she plans to declare a minor in Legal Studies.  Throughout her time in college, she has been part of the Global Village community, worked in the Office of International Programs on campus, and plans to be a member of the Model UN on campus.

Brittany aspires to work in international law because she wants to help disadvantaged people who may not have access to lawyers or legal systems.  Brittany’s involvement in community service and various other programs has shown her the need for diverse, culturally aware representation within the legal system.  Over the years, her desire to help those in need has grown even greater and has strengthened her resolve to become an international lawyer.

Brittany is a LAW SCHOOL…Sí Se Puede Fellow because she hopes to develop partnerships with experienced lawyers and judges while receiving help from her mentors with challenges that she may face in college.  She understands that the process of going to college and eventually law school will not be simple, and she has seen firsthand how programs such as this can be beneficial. Despite the challenges college will continue to present her with, Brittany knows that participating in this program will be worth it.



Kevin Sullivan   
High School  
University of Colorado- Colorado Springs

Kevin Sullivan is a native of Colorado Springs, Colorado. He lives with his father of Irish descent and his mother of Mexican descent. His mother is a first-generation U.S. citizen, and her first language is Spanish. Kevin has seen how hard she has worked to support his education. He is attending the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs, working toward a major in biomedical sciences with a minor in communication. Due to his experiences in life, Kevin has a particular interest in helping people with disabilities, particularly those with invisible disabilities. During high school, his mock trial coaches were attorneys from the Colorado Public Defenders Office, and they inspired him to pursue his dream of becoming an attorney. Kevin became mock trial team captain his senior year, competed all four years in high school, and made it to the state mock trial competition twice.

While attending UCCS, Kevin has developed an interest in the medical field. During his sophomore year, he took part in a medical brigade to Nicaragua and discovered an additional path to fulfill his passion for helping others. Now in his junior year, Kevin has decided to apply for medical school upon graduation and pursue a career in medicine before attending law school. Regardless of which profession Kevin pursues first, he plans on honoring his promise to Law School Si Se Puede to return Colorado to practice, as well as attend law school.

“Sí, Se Puede” is a phrase born of farmworkers, who, under the leadership of the UFW, César Chávez, and Dolores Huerta, fought valiantly for equal protection under the law.  As a result of the efforts of the UFW, “Sí, Se Puede” has become well known as a call that engenders hope and inspiration in those who face similar battles. We thank the UFW, whom we acknowledge to be the sole and exclusive owner of the Trademark SI SE PUEDE, for granting us a limited license to use“Sí, Se Puede” in connection with our efforts to recruit, in Colorado, students of Hispanic or Latino descent for our law school pipeline program. For more information about the programs offered by the UFW, please see UFW’s webpage (; UFW Foundation’s webpage (; and UFWF’s immigration services webpage (