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The Journey to Success with My Mentor
June 7, 2019

A year and a half ago, I began my journey to further my education. I remember having second thoughts about applying to LAW SCHOOL. . . Sí Se Puede because I was starting at a community college. As I began the program, I started feeling confident because Judge Arguello paired me with a mentor, Susie Velasquez, who also continued her education at a community college. Susie has had a great impact in my life and she always has given me great advice for my education, future career, and life itself. Susie and are both first-generation college students, so it makes everything a lot easier to talk about my obstacles as a first-generation college student. 

Having Susie in my life has made me realize that anything is possible when you desire it and are willing to work hard to achieve it. This Spring, after two years of hard work, I will graduate from Front Range Community College with my Associates degree in Criminal Justice. She has helped build my confidence level as I now transfer to the University of Northern Colorado in the Fall of 2017.  

My desire to pursue my dream as an attorney continues to grow because of the advice I receive from my mentors. I will continue to grow and build my career with these amazing people supporting me and reminding me that I can pursue anything I set my mind to. Judge Arguello knew that I felt a lack of confidence because I was not attending a four-year university, so she made sure to fulfill my needs by connecting me with my mentor whoe went through the same educational track that I was following.  I cannot thank my mentor, Susie Velasquez, and LAW SCHOOL. . . Sí Se Puedefor helping me through the first two years of college and for the assistance they will provide me as I move on to obtaining my Bachelor’s degree, and then my law degree.

Resources in College
May 19, 2016

With LAW SCHOOL … Si Se Puede, I have learned to use my resources to my best ability. Thinking back to high school I wish I could have been informed on what resources were around me relating to community involvement.  High school holds your hand and leads you to different choices that are offered.  College is a path that you choose without somebody holding your hand.

I remember my first day of college.  I felt frightened, nervous, and I had a gut wrenching feeling the whole day.  I asked myself millions of questions throughout the day.  All my questions started with ‘What if?’  Being a part of my community has always been a passion and value that I carry with me.  I was afraid that I wouldn’t make connections soon with community involvement advisors.  The Career Success Center at Front Range Community College has benefited me with connections and opportunities to reach out into my community.  My advisor, in The Career Success Center, Colleen Toomey, has been a huge help.  She has helped me with resume writing, future suggestions on classes, and advice on community outreach.  I, myself, have researched ideas to share with Colleen and future students to help them become successful throughout their higher education journey.  

Being a first generation college student has been a tough task to keep up with.  If I could go back to high school, I would have asked more questions related to resources and programs that suit me.  I never imagined that it would be this hard to build connections in college.  I am a very social person.  I love asking questions and meeting new people.  Nonetheless, finding the correct resources was definitely challenging.  

As a class 0f 2015 fellow, I advise future fellows to build connections in high school and to also make sure you find great resources online, at school, with mentors, and others who have experience within your desired area.  Believe in yourself, maintain a positive mindset, and just know that change happens for a reason.  I believe that finding yourself is the key to success. Build connections with people that have the same interests as you. I thought I would never be able to find resources but I am thankful that LAW SCHOOL … Si Se Puede has boosted my confidence level.


“Sí, Se Puede” is a phrase born of farmworkers, who, under the leadership of the UFW, César Chávez, and Dolores Huerta, fought valiantly for equal protection under the law. As a result of the efforts of the UFW, “Sí, Se Puede” has become well known as a call that engenders hope and inspiration in those who face similar battles. We thank the UFW, whom we acknowledge to be the sole and exclusive owner of the Trademark SI SE PUEDE, for granting us a limited license to use“Sí, Se Puede” in connection with our efforts to recruit, in Colorado, students of Hispanic or Latino descent for our law school pipeline program. For more information about the programs offered by the UFW, please see UFW’s webpage (; UFW Foundation’s webpage (; and UFWF’s immigration services webpage (