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Different Routes
July 2, 2019

I never thought I would make it this far. I look back at the past and I begin realizing that every single obstacle, every single sacrifice, has all been worth it. The very first move I decided to take was leaving my parents in Mexico and deciding to come to the United States of America, to pursue my one and only dream. My dream of becoming a lawyer, someday. Most of my life has revolved around my family, and I constantly moving back and forth from Mexico, to Colorado. This being due to my father’s deportation for being an illegal immigrant. After years of constantly traveling, I finally settled with my grandparents when I was about to enter high school. My High school years were though. I would feel lonely most of the times because I really wished I was with my family. What would get me through it all, was my dream. I knew I had to continue studying and working hard to graduate and possibly attend college, and so I did.

In the year of 2016 I graduated high school. This was a huge achievement for me. I was really proud of myself. After graduating, I attended Metropolitan State University. My first year was tough but I knew that college was not going to be easy. Thankfully I did not have to go through the struggles alone. My mentors from Law School…Yes We Can have always been there for me, from the start. College has not been easy for me, there has been moments of frustration, confusion and stress, but I know I must continue working hard because I have a dream that I refuse to not reach. My path has been different from other fellows in Law School… Yes We Can, but just because it has been a little different it does not mean I will not be able to reach my goal. It might take me a little longer than others, but I just know that no matter how long this journey takes, I will be graduating college, I will be attending law school, and I will become a lawyer. 

Walking with Angels
July 2, 2019

It all began at the moment my father became deported. The day that happened I knew nothing would be the same. I spent most of my childhood traveling back and forth from one country to another visiting my father in Mexico and trying to continue school in the United States. As the years went by, to this day I still find myself separated from my family. Since my mother and brothers are often living in Mexico. My mom cannot really see me grow into the person I am becoming. We sure do talk everyday but it is not the same from actually seeing me physically. When I was a sophomore in High School I knew I wanted to become a lawyer so that I could help my father and other immigrants in the same boat as I. The moment I started thinking of becoming a lawyer more, and more it made me realize and question myself a lot. It made me think “how could I ever be a lawyer if I come from a low income family?” “Nobody in my family is a lawyer and only those who have parents as lawyers become lawyers” I asked myself, as well as doubted myself a lot. Entering LAW SCHOOL… Si Se Puede has changed my life so much. Being able to participate in prestigious events with so many other lawyers. Lawyers that fulfill you with enormous advice. An event I will forever hold dear, is the time I was able to attend the event where supreme court Justice Sotomayor spoke to us fellows. LAW SCHOOL...Si Se Puede has not only allowed me to participate in numerous events but has also granted me the chance of working with three, fascinating, prodigious mentors. I am walking with three angels that are always encouraging me and supporting me throughout my journey. They have helped me throughout my first and second semester of college. 

Thanks to their astonishing advice, I know what path will lead me to triumph. LAW SCHOOL… Si Se Puede is helping me every day so that I can prepare for the future lawyer I will become. My dreams for the future are to become an immigration lawyer, as well as to serve back to this incredible program that has given others, as well as I so much asset. LAW SCHOOL… Si Se Puede has cultured me so much while showing me that yes, I can. 


“Sí, Se Puede” is a phrase born of farmworkers, who, under the leadership of the UFW, César Chávez, and Dolores Huerta, fought valiantly for equal protection under the law. As a result of the efforts of the UFW, “Sí, Se Puede” has become well known as a call that engenders hope and inspiration in those who face similar battles. We thank the UFW, whom we acknowledge to be the sole and exclusive owner of the Trademark SI SE PUEDE, for granting us a limited license to use“Sí, Se Puede” in connection with our efforts to recruit, in Colorado, students of Hispanic or Latino descent for our law school pipeline program. For more information about the programs offered by the UFW, please see UFW’s webpage (; UFW Foundation’s webpage (; and UFWF’s immigration services webpage (