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My Sophomore Dilemma
July 2, 2019

As I began my second year of college at UCCS, I noticed that while I was still excited about the fact that attending law school was no longer a distant star but an achievable goal, I was missing something. That missing ‘thing’ was one of the keys to my personal success thus far- my heart, my passion. I realized that I was considering the possibility of attending medical school. At first, I tried to resist this possibility because I made a commitment to Law School Yes We Can that I would go to law school and help others interested in attending law school once I graduated. 

I spent many days trying to reignite my passion for going to law school, when I realized that Law School Yes We Can had actually opened my mind to other possibilities. I began to realize that though convention says I should choose between the two, I could make my new impossible goal to attend both. The internal battle diminished, though it did not disappear until I spoke to Judge Arguello about my indecisiveness about law school. Judge Arguello could have reacted in many different ways but chose to encourage my interest in medical school and assured me that, by no means, was I bound to go to law school.

I shared my internal struggle with my mentors, and they have continued to encourage me in my course through college. They have tirelessly worked to introduce me to patent lawyers and intellectual property lawyers. Not in an attempt to discourage me from medical school, rather to provide every scrap of information available so I can make the most informed decision.

In the same sense as my mentors, Judge Arguello again encouraged me to look into every opportunity available to make the best decision. Judge Arguello also mentioned that it is possible to attend both and that the keynote speaker at the holiday fiesta has both an MD and JD. For her insightful advise, Judge Arguello is an amazing person and an invaluable guide through my journey of self-discovery. 

I have discovered, grown and matured more in the past year than ever.  The most valuable lesson I’ve learned during college is to have a support network. Some of the best possible support networks are my Law School Yes We Can mentors and Judge Arguello. They have done everything in their power to encourage me to continue exploring different possibilities and supporting me while I work to find my niche. No matter what the outcome, my Law School Yes We Can mentors and Judge Arguello will have played a large role in my decision and therefore my life.  Above all, whether I go to law school or medical school, in state or out of state, I will come back to Colorado to practice fulfilling my promise to Law School Yes We Can. Hopefully, one day I will be able to influence and inspire others the way Judge Arguello has influenced and inspired me.


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