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Copy of Rebecca Elizabeth Ruiz Huerta

But Wait… There’s More!
June 7, 2019

The other day, I was on the phone with my mom, and she asked if I was excited to be off of Spring Break so I could finish my sophomore year of college. At that moment, the world fell completely silent and the only thing in my mind was the idea that I was finishing my sophomore year of college. If you had asked me a few years ago if I would be at Baylor University, I would have laughed in your face. Baylor University was always a dream school for me, as I was coming from a low income Hispanic family and my parents could never afford to pay for me to attend any college. But I refused this “reality” by working my hardest in high school, and the countless hours studying finally paid off when I saw how many scholarships that Baylor University was offering me.  My dream school became a reality, and I packed everything up and moved over 700 miles away from everything and everyone I knew. So my dream for the future is to graduate from Baylor University and obtain my Bachelor of Arts in Political Science, as a member of the Honors Society and be an active member in Gamma Alpha Omega Sorority Incorporated, Nu Chapter. I also want to graduate from a law school, the actual school to be determined, and become a lawyer, field of focus to be determined.

But the dreams for my future don’t end there. In fact, they are only the tip of the iceberg. I want to become more of a political activist by staying informed on the actions of my representatives and upcoming laws and fighting for what I believe in. Through my almost two years here at Baylor, I have discovered my moral core, as one teacher so elegantly put it. My moral core is made up of the things that I will never compromise on and I will always fight to protect. These things make up who I am. I dream of being able to make a lasting impact and continue to give back. I want to give back to the communities that have impacted me, inspired me and protected me. These communities are the Hispanic community, the Waco community and the Colorado Springs community. One of the biggest dreams of my future is to create a lasting impact that continues to live on when I’m long gone. 

Since I have come to Baylor, I have become more in touch with my Hispanic heritage, especially through my connection to Gamma Alpha Omega. This was the first Latina sorority on Baylor’s campus and through my involvement, I have learned more about myself as a Latina. I have been exposed to more Hispanic communities, traditions, language and new forms of the culture that I was never exposed to until now. But this sorority has also allowed me to develop myself as a leader. After becoming a member a year ago, I have taken on the roles of Vice President, Treasurer, Philanthropy and Fundraising Head, and much more. My goals for the future as a member of this sorority are to successfully plan our largest event, known as Kick It for Kids, and become the president, as well. 

My future goals are built upon more than just my academic success and endeavors. My future is also built up on the goals of self-discovery, crusading for my passions and the determination to push myself further than I imagine possible. Through my (almost) two years at Baylor University, I have set goals for my future in all areas, and I have just begun to explore all the possibilities before me. 

Out of State…NOT Out of Mind
May 19, 2016

When I first joined LAW SCHOOL … Sí Se Puede, I still wasn’t sure of my university plans. However, I soon committed to my dream school, Baylor University.  The only problem was that my school was going to be out of state, and I was afraid that it would mess up anything that I had going on with this amazing program.  I was also just afraid to leave everything that I had known and loved in my hometown of Colorado Springs to go to Waco, Texas.  I was afraid that the distance would ensure that not only would I be forgotten about, but also, I would miss out on amazing opportunities.  I know I am in the minority of Sí Se Puede Fellows who go out of state for school, but I was never left out.  No matter the distance, my mentors and I communicate almost weekly.  They always make sure to talk to me and our busy schedules always align for even just a short email or text message.  They have been encouraging me every step of the way, and encouraging me to keep going even if I was homesick or tired or super stressed. My mentors are still a part of my life, and still helping me no matter the distance.

At Baylor University, I have been able to grow as an individual and a scholar.  I have been able to grow as a scholar by joining the Honors College, declaring a major of Political Science and embarking on the Pre-Law track.  I have challenged myself as an individual by joining the first Hispanic sorority on campus, Gamma Alpha Omega.  This sorority has allowed me to grow alongside other women who are dedicated to their pursuit of education, excellence, and blazing the path for other minority women.  I have been challenged to do this because of the LAW SCHOOL … Sí Se Puede program.  Despite the distance away from home, I have been able to stay in touch and inspired by other fellows and mentors in this program.

I can still attend all the workshops, and be a part of all of the opportunities given to Fellows, because of a beautiful thing called technology.  I can watch the LiveStream of the presentation and text my questions to a friend and be apart of the conversation BUT I can do all of it from the comfort of my bed.  I miss my Colorado family and friends but my Sí Se Puede connections have endured.  It's not always easy, but it's worth it.  I was even able to apply for a paid internship that was offered to LAW SCHOOL … Sí Se Puede  Fellows even though I haven't been in Colorado.  For everyone who is thinking about applying to LAW SCHOOL … Sí Se Puede  but may be afraid that it won't work if you are going out of state, I am living proof that that's not the case.  I have followed my dreams to attend Baylor University and I can still be apart of this amazing program.  LAW SCHOOL … Sí Se Puede has encouraged me to follow my dreams, challenge myself, and still remain connected to amazing opportunities in order to ensure my success.  So follow your dreams and remember that LAW SCHOOL … Sí Se Puede  will always be there no matter the distance.


“Sí, Se Puede” is a phrase born of farmworkers, who, under the leadership of the UFW, César Chávez, and Dolores Huerta, fought valiantly for equal protection under the law. As a result of the efforts of the UFW, “Sí, Se Puede” has become well known as a call that engenders hope and inspiration in those who face similar battles. We thank the UFW, whom we acknowledge to be the sole and exclusive owner of the Trademark SI SE PUEDE, for granting us a limited license to use“Sí, Se Puede” in connection with our efforts to recruit, in Colorado, students of Hispanic or Latino descent for our law school pipeline program. For more information about the programs offered by the UFW, please see UFW’s webpage (; UFW Foundation’s webpage (; and UFWF’s immigration services webpage (