Why are you willing to spend the time to be a LAW SCHOOL … Sí Se Puede Mentor?

By Corelle Spettigue, Mentor
Assistant Attorney General, Office of the Colorado Attorney General

As a young woman who came from a relatively middle class background, I never really doubted that I would someday attend a university and pursue a career in something. That is just what my family did; what was expected. And, being a fickle teenager, I was not sure what that “something” might be.  But  I always enjoyed the security of knowing that I would figure it out. I had the support, stability, and good sense to figure it out, come what may.                                                 

What I did not know, and what I came to learn very quickly, is that I was a part of a very fortunate minority. For so many, it is not a question of where you want to attend school, but if you can afford it. Can you succeed in a place that is so foreign to you? Can you penetrate through the artificial barriers that hold so many back?

The answer is a resounding YES! But, like everyone, guidance and support are such an integral part to this journey for any young person. I was fortunate to have this invisible sense of security, largely because I sought guidance and support along the way.  I hope to be able to pay that forward; to model behaviors that yield positive outcomes, meaningful relationships, and fulfillment in any endeavor. And, to be clear, the benefit is not one-sided. It is not only the Fellows who benefit from this program. It is uplifting and reassuring for me to know that we have such a strong and tenacious new generation of leaders emerging. The grit and determination that I get to witness from this group of young people is inspiring, and drives me to be a better parent, mentor and friend.

So, for these reasons, I am not only willing, but I am grateful for the opportunity to be a LAW SCHOOL … Sí Se Puede mentor. These incredible individuals have bright futures ahead of them, and we are all so lucky to get to watch them reach out and go after their dreams.