Perspective after Graduation

By Jesse Zamora, Fellow Class of 2014
University of Colorado at Boulder

College seemed like a distant fantasy when I was a child.  I remember how much my parents emphasized the importance of higher education, although I did not have a true grasp on what that meant.  Fast-forward into the future.  In early May of 2016, I graduated from the University of Colorado at Boulder with a degree in political science.  I never thought commencement ceremonies were compelling enough to make a person feel something, but standing in the stadium in my cap and gown made me feel a sense of pride.  I can look back on my efforts, successes, and failures with gratitude because I now know each moment had a specific purpose that culminated in my moving on to the next step.  Since graduation, I am taking time to reflect on those critical moments.  To know where you are going, you must remember where you come from.   

I began to see that my strongest reasons for going to college had nothing to do with myself.  My reasons centered on my parents, my family, and my community.  It reminded me of my Daniels Fund scholarship interview where I was asked why I wanted to attend college.  I answered, “To show my family and my people that it can be done.”  I remember how empowering it felt to say those words, but I also felt the weight of the responsibility I had accepted.  My undergraduate years are over but I continue to embrace those words as I march into the future.

The perspective the past has given me also gives me a clearer vision of the future and I learned strategic preparation is key to the next endeavor.  Law school is my next great challenge in life that has to be met with more force.  That was when LAW SCHOOL…Sí Se Puede (LSSSP) was introduced to me.  When I saw that LSSSP facilitated LSAT preparation, admissions decisions and strategies, academic performance, and legal career management, I knew it was the team I needed.  The three mentors I have in the program have been extremely helpful in terms of advice, LSAT preparation, professional development, and even emotional support.  They have also given me great insight into different studying practices and step-by-step guidance on how to navigate my way to law school.  The meetings and communication with my mentors are genuine and relatable.  It is not a walk through or crash course, but rather, a real connection based on help, trust, and respect that make my mentors the most invaluable part of the program.  LAW SCHOOL Si Se Puede connects me to resources I need to achieve my life’s milestones.   

I will be studying for the LSAT, working, shadowing, and taking some time to discover new hobbies.  The ultimate goal in any pursuit should be about self-growth.  I must feel that each and every responsibility I take will help me become an improved version of myself.  Nothing worthwhile is easy and no long-term decision should be made lightly.  Law school is a near future goal and LSSSP is my commitment to myself and my community to get there.  There is no teacher like experience but it helps to have experienced mentorship.  I have a new outlook on the future because of the collective support I have combined with my determination to see it through and it makes for a stronger strategy to reach new heights.