My Mentors’ Helping Hands

By Kayla Medina, Former Fellow

My first year of college was full of ups and downs, but through everything my mentors were there.  I knew that, no matter what, my mentors would be there for support and advice.  It is easy to get stressed out and overwhelmed in college, especially your first year.  I know that I put a lot of stress on myself: about grades, extracurricular activities, socializing, etc.  But having mentors to talk to, made the stress easier to deal with.

During my first quarter at the University of Denver, I was stressed out about my calculus class and, at dinner with my mentors, they gave me study tips and let me know they would always be there for me.  No matter whether my question was personal or academic, my mentors tried their best to give me advice or simply just listen to my problems.  Having someone that is there for you is so important, especially when you are in college, away from home and your normal support system.  My mentors have become a vital part of my support system here at DU.

Being a LAW SCHOOL … Sí Se Puede Fellow has made my first year at college so much easier and more enjoyable.  My mentors have been with me every step of my college journey. Knowing that they are going to be there for the next three years makes me more confident in myself and my ability to finish college and go onto law school.