Once in a Lifetime Opportunity

By Brittany Solomon, Fellow Class of 2015
Colorado State University

My aspiration to help disadvantaged people living in unsupportive systems has increased my desire to become an international lawyer and, eventually, to work for the United Nations.  Currently I am preparing for my degree in international studies with a concentration in Asian studies, which allows me to study Mandarin Chinese.

I first heard about LAW SCHOOL … Sí Se Puede when I attended the 2015 Denver Law Pipeline Conference, at the University of Denver.  I wasn’t quite sure what to expect from the conference, but I knew if I was interested in becoming a lawyer this event would be relevant. As the day progressed, I heard various lawyers speak, but listening to Roberto Ramirez tell his story really resonated with me.  I stayed engaged the entire time, which proved to be beneficial because at the very end, he talked about a program for future lawyers that would be accepting a new class of Fellows for 2015.  I immediately scrawled “Law School Si Se Puede-Apply Online” onto my notepad and I began filling out the application as soon as I left the room. I knew that this was a once in a lifetime opportunity that I could not miss out on.

That proved to be true because I had the ability to progress to the interview process. I arrived and was waiting to be called for the next interview when none other than Roberto Ramirez came to get me. This had to be a sign. The first thing that LAW SCHOOL … Si Se Puede gave to me was experience.  I had never been interviewed before, so being that this was my first interview ever, I hoped I did well. I walked out of the interview knowing that I gave my best and being thankful that my interviewers were kind and understanding.

Being a LAW SCHOOL … Si Se Puede Fellow has proven to be extremely beneficial for me, by ensuring that I am aware about what my goals entail and making sure that I don’t make major mistakes that could potentially prevent me from reaching my goals.  I really benefitted from having people to talk to about my struggles during my first year of college, whether it was other fellows or my mentors.  I was able to ask my mentors for advice about what to do in some of my classes, with my roommate problems, and any other issues I encountered.  I have been able to get help during every part of my journey so far.  It is an asset to have people who care about what I am experiencing, and who want to make sure that I am doing my best and that I gethelp when I need it.  LAW SCHOOL … Si Se Puede sets the foundationwhich will launch me to success.