A Change in Plans

By Frida Silva, Fellow Class of 2016
University of Colorado Denver

When I applied to Law School Yes We Can (LSYWC), I had no intention of applying to Law School. I originally applied to Law School Yes We Can to learn about different careers in law, grow professionally, expand my network, and to gain new skills. I thought this program would be a great opportunity to allow me to be acquainted with a different field of study while still studying my political science major at CU Denver. I was content with learning about law while maintaining my original career path in mind, but my plans have slightly derailed and I am excited about this new direction I have taken. My initial plan after receiving my undergraduate degree was to go straight to graduate school and get my master degree in public administration.

Afterwards, I would go straight to the state capital and work as a legislator. This was my plan in its most basic and simplistic form. The thing that I am learning more and more about plans, is that sometimes plans don’t always go as one would like and you must adapt with a new change. I am learning that change is okay and is not necessarily a bad thing. I am starting to realize this as I get older and through my college experience.

In the previous workshop I attended, there was an open panel of three young lawyers who had graduated law school not too long ago. I appreciated the diverse panel and I enjoyed picking their brain about law, law school, and professionalism. During the panel, there were several things that one of the panelists said that stood out to me. He expressed how not to get too caught up when your career plans change or when you discover that you are more passionate about something. He also expressed to not be afraid to try new things, it might not seem appealing at first but, you might find that you actually like this new way of thinking, of doing, and of creating. Therefore, my career plans derailed. 

Being an active fellow of LSYWC, I have gained a great interest in the many work opportunities in the field of law. I slowly came to a self-affirmation that even though going to law school was not set on my action plan, it is not too late and is worth perusing. After I got this personal confirmation, I felt happy and content to pursue law school and to take my education in any direction I wanted to. Although this might be an early call in my career, it is something I will go after, further explore, and work hard for. I am thrilled to be part of a program like LSYWC where I have the support of my peers, my mentors, Judge Arguello, and the many others who contribute, to continue my journey in high education and in my career path.