LSSSP Benefits Me

By Brittany Solomon, Fellow Class of 2015
Colorado State University

This semester I took an eight-week course specifically designed for students with a Liberal Arts major, called Concepts/Critical Thinking in Liberal Arts. I took this class hoping to gain some knowledge about helpful resources that are available for me on campus. It did not occur to me that, as a member of LAW SCHOOL...Sí Se Puede, I already had access to some of these resources.

Throughout the course, we had many discussions about the misperception that people with a liberal arts degree have   difficulty obtaining  a job. We learned about the career center that is on campus and discussed ways to seek help from this center in order to improve your resume and interview capabilities, and search for jobs or internships that are applicable to your future career path. The part of this class that truly caught my attention was in relation to the conversation about internships, specifically ones that are relative to a person’s major or future career path.

At this point, I realized that I am already a part of a program that has a variety of the valuable components discussed in my course. LAW SCHOOL...Sí Se Puede, gives me the opportunity to attend workshops that have helped me determine the best way that I can study and the opportunity to understand myself on a deeper level. Equally important, I have three mentors who are extremely understanding and willing to help me in any way that they can. LAW SCHOOL...Sí Se Puede gives me tons of connections to future lawyers as well, some of which mentor the other LSSSP Fellows. The board members are all important connections as well, specifically because they are all members of the law community and have proven time after time that they are here to help all of the LAW SCHOOL...Sí Se Puede Fellows. This course helped me realize how vital networking can be for my future.  

Because of the exposure programming and opportunities that LSSSP has provided to me, I have developed a network of contacts that exceeds that of my fellow classmates at DU.  When I originally became a LSSSP Fellow, I understood that this was a major opportunity for my future; however, I never truly thought about how many connections I would gain from this program. I now have a network from which I can seek a variety of potential internships and tap into the knowledge of current lawyers who share a similar career passion. Being a part of LAW SCHOOL...Sí Se Puede has given me an improved perspective and I am thankful to be a part of this program.