My LSYWC Experience

By Dimitrius Wells, Fellow Class of 2014
University of Denver

I have been in LSYWC/LSSSP since 2014. I am part of the first class of the program. At the time, I wasn’t sure whether or not I wanted to be a lawyer, but I figured if I took part of this program, then it would help me make up my mind. Three years later, I now know that I want to be a lawyer. I love the fact that they pair you with individuals who are either in the law field already or are in the process of doing so (they are in law school). This year, my Junior year, I am getting ready to take my very first LSAT, which is extremely nerve wracking, but fascinating. Though I still do not feel ready to take the test, I do know that LSYWC will do anything possible to ensure that I am prepared. Something that I really love about this program is that they strive to not only get you to perform at maximum performance on your LSAT, but they also sign you up for LSAT prep classes, which everyone knows can be extremely pricey. Though I haven’t started taking the class yet, I do know that it will be a rigorous program because it a 4-hour class, twice a week, up until the actual test date for the LSAT. The involvement that I have with this program today is nowhere what it once was. I am now taking practice LSATS every week. I am also reviewing readings that are based around the LSAT to ensure that I get a complete understanding of what is expected during the actual LSAT exam. I would have never thought of any of this had it not been for this program, which is why I have a high appreciation for it. 

My hopes are that I get around a 168 on my LSAT, since most law schools focus on your LSAT score more than anything else. Scoring this will hopefully allow me to get into majority of my law schools. I am still not sure whether or not I want to end up on the east coast or west coast for law school, but I guess I will figure that out very soon. Since it is no secret that law school is expensive, I am also hoping to get a significant scholarship with my LSAT score. I will be the first lawyer in my immediate family, which is something that I am looking forward to.