Not an Attorney... Perhaps it was Just a Dream

By Ivette Villa, Former Fellow

I was ambitious about a dream that did not take in consideration who I am as a person. Yes, I was excited about the opportunities it entailed and how important it would make me. Yes, I walked in heels with a proud head up, smiling, observing. I was the girl that stood with purpose. The one who convinced others that she had potential in becoming the best in her field. The truth is, I needed reassurance, and I found it. I found it within the praise of who I appeared to be: clever and mature. What we failed to look at was how much more I yet had to learn. I had not realized how confused I was until I had to stand in front of making one of the biggest decisions in my life and all I could say is no. The truth is, my dream had more meaning in my head then what I could put into action. It all seemed a lie; everything I had been pursuing up to that moment seemed pointless. Talking about the depressive details after my epiphany is tedious, so I will skip to present day.

I do not want to be an attorney. The reason? I cannot exactly pinpoint it. It may be the butterflies I get when I think of monsters being created in secret laboratories or the genuine smile I get when learning about the wonders of the human body. It may be the newly nonexistent happiness I feel when I hear the word law school.

But do not get me wrong, I admire the practice of Law and the rigorous dedication of it. I have met multiple attorneys who have taken my breath away. If there is anything I have learned from these last few years is that people who truly care to see you succeed will not stand in your way to make it possible. I have proven this with my mentors who I thank dearly for understanding and supporting all my decisions. I truly believe Law School... Yes We Can (LSYWC) has no boundaries on what students can do. Whether it is getting internships, going on tours, or expanding their social network, LSYWC makes it possible. It does so because it has mentors who genuinely care about bettering the students’ knowledge; not only about Law School but about themselves as well.

I do not regret joining Law School... Yes We Can, because although I do not wish to pursue a law career, I have learned plenty on what it takes to be successful. I have met amazing people who have inspired me beyond words. It has taught me year after year to seek every opportunity that will enhance my future. 

Which is why now I must focus on goals that parallel with my persona and go after them. Yes, I am still unsure of where the path I have chosen will take me. I know I have failed more times than succeeding; I have made innumerable mistakes and I know deep down that there is plenty more to come, but I am resilient just like anybody who sets their mindset on things they want to accomplish. I am still the girl who has passion for what she believes in and in making the world a better place. Now I can put my energy into science where I feel the happiest; not a warm happiness but a genuine happiness. A dream that I can finally put into action.

Thank you Law School... Yes We Can. I have no doubt the program will continue to grow and benefit dozens of students, even if they are not meant for law school.