Cuando Si Se Puede

By Lucia Ramirez, Fellow Class of 2017
University of Denver

June Torres, Daniel DeLey, Matt Baca, and Jordan Fox have become important influencers of my manifesto. They are supporting my career goals in multiple ways. First, teaching me a mindset of finding my purposes. Second, they also remind me to find joy in what I do. Last, showing me the compassion, respect, time, and energy that I now want to reciprocate into another scholar someday.

My Law School Yes We Can mentors are not only concerned with my academic well-being, but they serve a purpose much higher that is inexplicable. When I am with my mentors I know that my personal well-being and health matters just as much as my academics. This feeling made me reflect and learn to value myself, my education, and ultimately my community.

In particular, they influenced how much time and energy I now reciprocate into my community. I am currently serving as the Seal of Biliteracy Alumni Network Director, working towards increasing resource accessibility in Denver Public Schools. Through this experience and Law School Yes We Can, I understand the value and impact that mentorship has on students. There is immense value and joy behind meeting and contacting my mentors to hear about how they are thriving and growing, as well as  expressing how I am growing through my community service initiative. I hope to give this experience and feeling back to other students.

Their insights and interest are what truly keep me engaged with Law School Yes We Can. In some ways, their life journeys give me insight into where I might want to start paving my road to success; because of my mentors, I know that I want to give back to my community through mentorship. I want to share my journey and experiences to help another student in their journey. Moreover, I want to pursue my passion in music and business instead of seeking wealth from a profession that I will not enjoy. I have gained a quality array of academic, interpersonal, but most importantly, life lessons from all of my mentors.