Empowering Communities can Empower Individuals

By Nicole Millan, Fellow Class of 2017
University of Denver

When I first told my teacher that I wanted to be a lawyer, she implicated that people “like me” are not intended to be in positions of power. She did not mean it in an offensive way, she simply did not want me to get my hopes up when systematically, I was not meant to succeed. I was told that my success could only extend to community college. When I was accepted to the University of Denver, I was met with comments such as, “That’s a very expensive school. Will you feel comfortable? College is a lot harder than high school” With a current GPA of 3.97, I have proven not only to myself but to those who doubted me that I am capable of attending a top four year university and thriving as a minority student on campus. I know I am not the only student who has been discouraged by the stereotypes surrounding their ethnicity, gender, religion, and even sexual preference. My past has exposed me to the unjust treatment and indifference towards my education due to my identity. I continue to strive each day, paving a way for every student like me. I aspire to lead by example. 

There are certain systemic oppressions that disallow minorities to fully obtain the resources, social skills, and networking opportunities that other students have access to. Law School Yes We Can has helped close the gap that disables minority students from reaching their true potential. Through LSAT preps, mentoring sessions, and workshops, students like me have been given guidance that would otherwise never have existed. 

I am truly grateful for my mentors and those who give their all to the program. It is with such guidance and leadership that I am able to expand my horizons while also staying connected to my roots. Law School Yes We Can has taught me the importance of contributing commitment, passion, authenticity, and joy to everything I do. By selflessly committing to the program, I found happiness in navigating the terrors of the law school application process alongside my fellows. Law School Yes We Can has shown unconditional love, dedication to their fellows, community, and a sociable environment that has made me a stronger individual.