LSSSP's Community and My Future

By Aluel Doldol, Fellow Class of 2016
University of Notre Dame

College has been the first space I have been in where I was able to make my own decisions. This was of course overwhelming at first but with the guidance of my mentors I was able to navigate this new environment (with hesitation at first then eventually ease). Confidence in my decision making is a necessary skill as I enter my senior year of college at Notre Dame, a year where I will be making a lot of life changing decisions once again. 

One of these decisions is the career trajectory I wish to take. I will start studying for the LSAT at the end of the summer when I go back to America from Accra Ghana. I will take the LSAT in the second semester of senior year because I will be taking only 12 credits, to make time for studying for the test. I will also take at least a year off before I begin to apply for law schools. I have discussed my plans for the LSAT with Heidi K, one of my mentors. 

I am also consulting my mentors about what to do during the gap year that I will have between law school and undergrad. I recently spoke with Dardoh about the different options that I have. For an example I will look at trying to get some paralegal experience, going into consulting, or another type of corporate path; another direction I can take is the nonprofit trajectory by either teaching, or volunteering; the final opportunities I am looking at is potentially getting a Fulbright to get a masters that will give me research, because I am looking at teaching and becoming a researcher as a professor. 

I will of course continue to communicate with my mentors in order to achieve the goals that I have. Because LSSSP is full of people who have shared my struggles I have been lucky enough to not make certain mistakes and to also receive insight into the professional working world, given that my own family has not been working in a white-collar setting. As a first generation professional, I hope to one day be a mentor in LSSSP and provide my own experience as guidance. Thank you to LSSSP for its patience, guidance and unwavering support during my time in college.