My Greatest Benefit from Participating in LSYWC

By Frida Silva, Fellow Class of 2016
University of Colorado Denver

I have to credit the career opportunities I have been able to have in my collegiate experience to Law School Yes We Can (LSYWC). LSYWC has an extensive network which I have gratefully benefited from. It has helped me build connections and establish credibility in the early stages of my career.    

During my first year in college, I had mentioned to Judge Arguello during lunch that I was interested in interning for Colorado’s General Assembly. She told me that she was friends with the Speaker of the House at the time, Speaker Crisanta Duran, and asked if I would be interested in interning for her. She then connected me with her executive assistant and that ultimately led to a job offer that I proudly took. I was flabbergasted by the opportunity that had landed on my lap unexpectedly that day. 

During that summer, I worked for Speaker Duran conducting community and constituent outreach. I learned about the legislative process and the work that was done during that year’s session. I was always in awe of the building that I worked in and was proud that I was interning in an environment that I saw myself serving in the future. 

Shortly after my internship ended that summer, I was called back again by Speaker Duran’s executive assistant asking if I would like to come back as a legislative aide for the 2018 legislative session. I was caught off guard again by the opportunity that was presented to me and immediately accepted the position. Instead of being an intern during a quiet summer at the capital, I was going to be a legislative aide getting paid to work an intensive, fast-paced legislative session.

LSYWC has also created outside partnerships that have provided fellows with additional career and internship opportunities. One of those partnerships is with Molson Coors. This year, I applied for the Molson Coors Legal Internship program and received one of the positions that were offered to the fellows. This summer, I am excited to be a part of Molson Coors’s Legal Team and learn about the brewing industry, contract law, and international corporate social responsibility. 

The career opportunities I have had speak to LSYWC’s commitment to preparing fellows to go into the field of law. These opportunities come from the networks that the program has established through its mentors, leadership board, and partnerships. Having this resource is an incredible opportunity because sometimes it takes an introduction from someone from the program like Judge Arguello to open that first door for you.