On the Path to Success

By Victoria Husher-Price, Fellow Class of 2015
University of Denver

Two years ago, I remember being a senior in high school. I had always wanted to attend college, but never knew how all the variables would all come together. In the Spring of 2015, I found out that I was a recipient of the Daniels Fund Scholarship. Suddenly, the weight of the expense of college had been lifted off my family’s shoulders. Receiving the Daniels Scholarship was only the first step. As an intern for a local Judge, I knew I wanted to find a way to continue to fuel my interest in law and discover opportunities to prepare for law school. Then I discovered LAW SCHOOL…Sí Se Puede (LSSSP). Becoming a part of this program has allowed for me to prepare for my future in incredible ways. 

I remember my first day at the University of Denver. I was overwhelmed with enthusiasm and could not wait to start the next chapter of my life. LSSSP provided me the necessary tools to have a successful freshmen year. The monthly workshops helpedaddress my fears and concerns about being a successful college student. The workshops helped me acquire useful study skills, discover my strengths through personality analysis, and improve my resume and cover letter development. The knowledge I gained from these workshops will benefit me throughout my life. 

Now, as a sophomore at DU I continue to benefit from LSSSP. This fall, the program provided me with a once in a lifetime opportunity to meet Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayer and hear her speak at the University of Colorado Boulder. I have grown closer with my LSSSP mentors and consider them to be one of the most influential components of this program. Through relationship with my mentors I have received advice and support that is incomparable. 

As I prepare for my Junior year of college, I look forward to the LSAT preparation that LSSSP provides. I am excited to continue to work towards my goal of attending law school as fellow in LSSSP. I am confident that success is in store for my future.