Once in a Lifetime

By Matthew Hinze, Fellow Class of 2015
University of Northern Colorado

Every time I attend an event for Law School: Yes We Can, I’m reminded of the many remarkable experiences that wouldn’t have been available to me if it weren’t for this program. For instance, who can say they have been on a private tour of the Colorado supreme court building, led by Chief Justice Rice herself? I assume not many, and I never would have thought I could either, but the fact that I can makes this program seem even more unbelievable. Even in our classroom setting, we are still experiencing and learning things that most people rarely have the chance to partake in.

Taking the Meyer’s Briggs and Emotional Intelligence tests, have been just two of many eye-opening workshops we’ve participated in. But despite how unique to me these experiences may seem, they don’t compare to the inspiring people that I have personally met because of LSYWC. As a middle class, white male, my life has been mostly free of personal struggle. My family was college educated as far back as my parents can remember, and I’ve never felt naturally disadvantaged by any aspect of my life. However, nothing has been a more humbling and inspiring experience in my life than meeting countless Latino, first-generation college students who have become successful and will continue to be more so than myself. To phrase it simply my experiences with LSYWC have been once in a lifetime. Without them, I surely would not be as successful as I am or could be. I look forward to seeing what the future holds.