Something Unimaginable

By Katya Martinez Ibarra, Fellow Class of 2016
University of Colorado at Boulder

Ever since I was a little girl, my parents always told me that I could become whatever I wanted. They always encouraged me to get good grades and do the best I could when it came to school. Because of that, I made it my goal to go to college. Whenever I think about graduating college, I never think about myself, I think about my parents and my brothers’ future. I think about how I will be able to provide for them, and how my brothers won’t have to struggle through college because I will be there.

My first day at CU Boulder came, I was anxious and nervous. I couldn’t believe that I had finally made it, the first in my family to attend college. As I went on through my day, everything was new. No one looked like me. Having a workload and knowing how much this meant to me made me develop anxiety.

This is where Law School Yes We Can! Came into mind. I reached out to one of my mentors Kyriaki. I told her how my anxiety was taking over. Kyriaki and I met, she sat down and helped me organize myself, she even helped me develop a study schedule for all my classes. Because of her immense support, I was ahead of the game. I exceeded the projected GPA that the Leeds School of Business estimated.

My first semester of college went beyond what I expected. I reached a potential that I thought I never would have. Because of Law School Yes We Can, I found immense support from my mentors, Antonio Gallegos, Kyriaki Council, Nicholas Trevino and Violeta Chapin. I am grateful to have people that are willing to support me throughout my college years, not only educationally but emotionally as well.