The Tool Belt for Success

By Alexis Clark – Fellow Class of 2014
Colorado State University

LAW SCHOOL … Sí Se Puede has given me the tools to achieve my goal to be an aspiring successful attorney.   LAW SCHOOL … Sí Se Puede has helped me understand that my dreams are obtainable.  LAW SCHOOL … Sí Se Puede has done this by creating a networking system of very knowledgeable and experienced attorneys  who are there for me and want me to succeed. It is amazing to know that when I have a question the answer is just an email or phone call away, and LAW SCHOOL … Sí Se Puede has made that happen for me.

I have three mentors who have guided me in many different ways and have given me advice on different topics such as the classes I should take, the importance of internships, getting involved in clubs, the importance of good grades, etc.  They also serve as my role models both as professionals and as members of the community.

I have been able to tour the law firm of one of my mentors, visited the local state and federal courthouses , and had lunch with Judge Arguello. Even that lunch was eye opening because it made me excited for my future; I was able to see the work of both lawyers and judges and it inspired me to reach towards my goals more vigorously than before. In addition to my three mentors, there are so many other people in LAW SCHOOL … Sí Se Puede who are also willing to help me. Attending meetings and workshops has given me the additional knowledge in how to achieve my future career goals.

Without LAW SCHOOL … Sí Se Puede , I would not have had these opportunities. I now look forward to being a mentor for other people because I see what LAW SCHOOL … Sí Se Puede and my mentors have done for me.  My tool belt for achieving my aspirations continuously expands because of Law school Si Se Puede.