The Impact of a Mentor

By Getssemany Rivera, Fellow Class of 2016
University of Denver

I knew since I was very young that I would go to college. My mother had emphasized the importance of education from the beginning of my educational career. As I grew older I embraced this philosophy. Consequently, the love of learning lead me to find my passion in law. When I heard about Law School Yes We Can I knew I had to become part of the program, its values and goals aligned directly with my own plans. As I wrap up my first year of college I cannot be thankful enough for the opportunities that Law School Yes We Can has provided me. The most important begin my mentors, they have been my pillar through rough times and adjustments at the University of Denver. 

College can be terrifying mostly when you do not have anyone to reach out to. When I began classes at DU it became clear to me that I had to adjust to a new culture and community. I felt as if I was an outsider and for a couple of weeks I wasn't able to find my place at DU. When I expressed my concerns to my mentors they reassured me and helped me take action to become involved and ultimately become part of the community at DU. My mentors continued to push me through each meeting to find a balance between school and self-love. They have encouraged me to take time off to take care of myself during stressful times, something that does not come easy for me. They have provided me with guidance and advise that at times is overwhelming but very much needed. They have been with me for a full year and it seems as if I have known them for a lifetime.

My mentors have become an essential part of my life, I contact them on a regular basis to set up monthly lunches, to update them on my academics, and sometimes just to talk about what is new in our lives. I can only hope that I am making a significant impact on their lives as they make in mine. Through this process I have learned that sometimes it’s the small things and choices that we make that allows us to view things in a new and better way.