Post-Grad Life: Patience and Perseverance

By Jesse Zamora, Fellow Class of 2014
University of Colorado at Boulder

The job hunt after graduation has not been an easy one and many realizations come to mind once I stepped foot into the true adult world.  I have spent all of my life in school and this is the longest I have ever been out of an academic setting.  It is unknown territory but I embrace the challenge with determination and fortitude learned from my past.  Forbes recently released an article about how millennials should be open to the freelance job market, otherwise known as temporary gigs.  I took that advice to heart and opened more possibilities for myself to develop professionally, something not acquired through college classes. My belief is to never think a job is beneath you just as it takes time and patience to follow to one day lead.  

 The time is almost here for the LSAT preparation course to begin.  This time around I chose to be in a classroom setting because I believe it will be the most engaging and it helps to have an instructor for immediate help. Law School Yes We Can provided my cohort with a LSAT preparation course and I am ready to take it on with full faith. As I develop professionally I also evolve on a personal level.  I see the bumps on the road to success hit harder in reality than in theory.  To overcome the pitfalls, it is necessary for me to summon my entire focus on the task at hand.  I cannot wait to be in every class learning every single key there is to good LSAT performance.  I admit, the test still gives me butterflies because it is not an easy feat.  My hope is to collect, practice, and execute when the time comes again.