On the Road to Success

By Jennifer Tamariz Bautista, Fellow Class of 2014
Loyola University

There aren’t enough words to express the gratitude I feel for the people who have made LAW SCHOOLYes We Can possible. Every morning, I wake up grateful for the opportunities I’ve been given. Without LAW SCHOOLYes We Can, I wouldn’t have the support I receive from my mentors or the opportunity of getting to know the other Fellows, who are some of the most intelligent and driven people I have ever encountered. The network of connections has been one of the biggest benefits I have gained by being a Fellow. This past year, I was able to meet one of my biggest inspirations – U.S. Supreme Court Justice, Sonia Sotomayor – and had the privilege to hear her stories of relentlessness and determination. I was reminded that I can accomplish anything I want as long as I work hard and persevere. 

As I’m nearing the end of my undergraduate career, I have relied heavily on my mentors for advice when thinking about what my next steps will be. My mentor, Adrien, has been extremely supportive and has helped me navigate through difficult decisions. Meredith has been such an important figure in my life these past few years. Even from 1,000 miles away, she makes me feel supported by sending me care packages, asking how I am doing, and taking time out of her busy schedule to review my resume or cover letter. In February, I had an interview for an internship position with Molson Coors and my first instinct was to call Meredith so she could help ease my nerves. Andy was one of the best mentors for whom I could have possibly asked. He constantly checked up on me and held me accountable when I needed it. Andy made every effort to ensure I was managing well and treated me like family. He never failed to show up to any of the LAW SCHOOLYes We Can events to be there to support me. I am forever grateful to have gotten the opportunity to be mentored by him. 

LAW SCHOOL... Yes We Can has been one of the biggest reasons why I will be able to achieve my dream of attending law school. Judge Arguello and those who serve on the board have provided Fellows with the opportunity to take LSAT courses to better prepare us for the LSAT. They have invested their time, energy and money in us because they believe in us. I am excited to share that this summer, I will be interning at Molson Coors with their legal corporate department, where I will be able to gain more knowledge and experience about one of my passions. None of this would have ever been possible without LAW SCHOOL... Yes We Can

The impact LAW SCHOOL... Yes We Can has had goes beyond just me. My family has been impacted through knowing that I have people who support and care about my future. Neither of my parents attended college, and seeing the guidance we receive through what LAW SCHOOL... Yes We Can offers is comforting to my family and me. I did not get where I am today without everyone who has invested their time and energy into this organization. I know I will be able to achieve my dreams, and I am grateful to everyone who believed in LAW SCHOOL... Yes We Can and decided to take a chance on me.